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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Achieving Success In Business After Years of Failure | Solo Ad Explosion

Achieving Success In Business After Years of Failure | Solo Ad Explosion

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Is It High Time to Outsource Your Backlinks?

In a world gone mad with the concept and reality of internet marketing, website owners struggle day in and day out to stay ahead of their competitors.

Using every trick and non-trick in the book, their goal is to achieve global and/or local awareness of what their website has to offer the consumer, home business seeker, student, surfer.

So what makes a website "popular?" What elevates one guy's (or gal's) website over and above the next? Is it that stirring copy? Are words what dazzle? Or, could it be something else entirely?

Driving real people to one's website and commanding that all important sale is the number one goal of all website owners. Even when "selling" per se isn't an agenda, the "sale" still involves real people landing on one's site and sticking around to use that website's resources.

"Outsourcing" involves transferring or sharing management control and/or decision-making of a business function to an outside supplier, which involves a degree of two-way information exchange, coordination and trust between the outsourcer and its client. "Outsourcing" involves transferring or sharing management control and/or decision-making of a business function to an outside supplier, which involves a degree of two-way information exchange, coordination and trust between the outsourcer and its client.

Many organizations today are making the decision to outsource. In today’s global marketplace outsourcing has made itself accessible to many organizations on a national and international level. Offshore outsourcing has provided many businesses with the opportunity to harvest the benefits of lower labor costs in developing countries with few workers rights laws and to exploit the value of artificially manipulated foreign currencies, where the exchange rate is intentionally undervalued. Through outsourcing, companies today have the ability to develop competitive strategies that will leverage their financial positions in the ever competitive global marketplace. Outsourcing is also successful in increasing product quality and/or substantially lowering firm and consumer costs (e.g., increases the quality to cost ratio). Because outsourcing allows for lower costs, even if quality reduces slightly, which is sometimes the case, productivity increases, which benefits the economy in the aggregate. Outsourcing can also present advantages to less developed, typically non-Western states. "Developing" countries, such as China, Philippines, and India, but also countries of Eastern Europe, benefit from the patronage of companies that outsource to them - in terms of increased wages, job prestige, education, and quality of life.

Some of the major advantages that today’s organizations can expect to obtain through outsourcing include the ability to purchase intellectual capital, to focus on core competencies, to better anticipate future costs, to lower costs. Overall outsourcing is viewed by many organizations as a strong business tactic that ultimately is a superior economical approach to developing products and services.

Backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page. The number of backlinks is an indication of the popularity or importance of that website or page. In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link received by a web node (web page, directory, website, or top level domain) from another web node (Björneborn and Ingwersen, 2004). Backlinks are also called as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links.

Search engines often use the number of backlinks that a website has as one of the factors for determining that website's search engine ranking. For example, Google's PageRank algorithm uses backlinks to help determine a site's rank. To see a site's PageRank, you need to use the Google Toolbar for Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, view the bar graph indicating a website's PageRank in Google's directory, or download the PageRank plugin for Mozilla Firefox.



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Monday, July 02, 2007

Your New Best Internet Marketing Buddy - Viral Marketing

Marketing on the web has some unique attributes that general marketing cannot necessarily enjoy. Something called viral marketing, which can refer to anything from branding to backend sales to word of mouth advertising, is prevalent on the Internet. Viral marketing can be incredibly lucrative. The value of viral marketing is of such import that examples abound everywhere on the Internet.

One of the greatest ways to build confidence in a product or service is through word of mouth advertising. Most people believe that this is only possible in real, live, face-to-face conversations, but that is just not true. With the prevalence of text messaging, blogs, instant messages, and emails, word of mouth advertising can actually be achieved via the Internet. After all, the bulk of communication, particularly for younger people, has moved online. This is but one example of the value of viral marketing. Advertisers tapping into this vast network of potential customers can attest to its the success.

One of the ways in which you accomplish viral marketing is through entertainment on the web. Video vignettes, games, etc., that are being shared with millions of users often have advertising attached. Therefore, the value of viral marketing can be recognized by those who know that literally millions of people are being reached by this form of publicity. Consider also the exponential effects of passing along an email to everyone in an inbox. If one person sends a message to ten, and of those, five pass it along to another ten, and so forth, then, in a matter of days, an immeasurable number of people will have received advertisements from people they know! Therein lies the value of viral marketing.

Similarly, backend sales are a great way to realize the value of viral marketing. Backend sales refer to sales to existing customers. In essence, once you have established a good relationship with a satisfied customer, they are likely to be willing to purchase more from you, a trusted source. Likewise, branding is another great example of this type of marketing. Once a consumer recognizes a brand that can be trusted and relied upon, they are more likely to come back for more. They are also more likely in both of these instances to tell their friends how much they enjoy your products — which, of course, is word of mouth advertising or viral marketing.

So you see, the value of viral marketing can be realized through a number of avenues. Whether it is through word of mouth, backend sales, or branding, the value of viral marketing cannot be discounted, as it is a veritable cornucopia of opportunity for the online marketer.



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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Molten Marketing is Ready - Your Personal Invitation

Greetings to you!

Theresa and Jeff here with a very special invitationto extend to you today.

Molten Marketing is going LIVE and we invite you to join "the motherload of marketing memberships" right now.


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With this in mind, it's important that we give YOU the opportunity to "get in ahead of the rest."
What you'll find when you reach the site:

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The one thing you can count on with Molten is nothing stays the same - this is not your typical membership, we set out to make it unique and... it really is!

Another point you need to know:

Molten doesn't need to be, but will be, a limited membership. This means there are only so many openings available and when it fills up, the join button comes down.

Many "typical" memberships do this because they MUST, we're doing it for a different reason - because we WANT to :)

This means there are only 750 (at this initial writing) available openings. Plenty of room right now for you, and all those you know, but THIS WILL NOT LAST.

You're about to step inside the membership of all memberships. Molten will truly be the last membership you will ever need.

See you inside!

Theresa & Jeff
Molten Marketing
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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Why Do People Join Membership Sites

by Theresa Cahill
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I field emails and phone calls weekly from people who have signed up for a program or programs online and need help.

More often than not, the caller has actually joined a program that was created to address the same questions I am being asked. I think to myself, "What's not right here?"

In order to be considered a viable program or service online, the website owner is required to provide something in return for your hard-earned dollars. Typically, that something is information. Information in the form of ebooks, software, or training are the most common kinds of membership sites.

When considering joining any online program, there are two questions you need to address, whether it is a membership site or not. These two questions are:

1. What is the program selling you for your money?

2. Other than promoting that program to others will it also show you how to make money online for any business?

Hence the dilemma presented above. This person arrived at the membership site sales page. They had predefined reasons for hunting for a membership in the first place. Then, hit with an offer they cannot refuse (vast amounts of cash for telling others about that membership) they totally forgot why they needed it in the first place.

The second scenario is they did not have any set plan to begin with. Instead they think that taking the "easier" route of using someone else's stuff to promote will be their ticket to online riches. No business plan, no real strategy. Unfortunately, more often than not, nothing could be further from the truth. That program, membership or not, is not your business, it belongs to someone else.

Conversely, the other scenario is the hunter had no intention of building a business. He or she was merely looking for an "easier road." Find something to promote and tell others. This creates a problem though, you are an affiliate only and not the owner of the membership or product.
This is the background painted for you, but the problem does not stop there. In the rush to tell others about their wonderful find, they totally neglect to educate themselves on the finer points of what that program (membership or not) has to offer.

They skip the details.

Keep your priorities firmly in mind. If you joined to learn how to build your own business, sure tell others about your membership, but use the tools (assuming the site delivers the goods) to do just that... build your business.

If, conversely, you joined purely for the allure of telling others and thus gaining financial benefits for yourself in the telling, at least know what you're offering. Believe it or not, morally you do have that responsibility. Know thy product.

If your reason for joining was just the allure of making money with that membership or program, then at the least learn everything there is to know about what you propose to sell. When others join under you, I would hope that you'd agree that you have a moral responsibility to that downline individual to help them succeed, too.

Educate yourself before you sell.



Theresa Cahill & Jeff Greer cordially invite you to explore the unique qualities of
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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Molten Marketing is Coming

The long awaited motherload of all marketing membership sites is coming soon! If you've been looking for an online marketing membership that provides you with internet advertising and marketing services and great products to build your website or start your own niche market, don't miss out on this soon to launch program! Sign up TODAY:

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Good Marketing Strategy is Key to Home Business Success

Let's face it, a company without a marketing plan is a company adrift. Offline or online, any business started without a marketing strategy is a company almost certain to fail. A solid marketing strategy must be the foundation upon which you build your business. And, although it's not “rocket science,” an online internet marketing plan is a carefully constructed means by which to bring warm market buyers to your web site. Yes, the goal of any marketing strategy is to create a stream of good, quality prospects that your web site turns into active, paying customers.

The problem, however, lies in the fact that developing the best internet marketing strategy for your online business is not only time consuming, but it takes the average home business owner a large amount of trial and error. This trial and error can, in a short amount of time, prove costly.

Did you know that a good online marketing strategy is not just advertising or pricing? More often than not, the web site owner mistakenly assumes that placing ads and underbidding their competition will win them the customers they so desperately need. Or, conversely, when asked about their strategy, many web site owners do not even have one.

Creating an effective online internet marketing strategy takes more than a well-designed website. Your marketing strategy must be aimed at the “warm market.” Warm markets online are created primarily through the use of search engine placement. Ranking well ensures your web site is in the returned results for those actively looking for what you have to offer. But, meta tags and meta keyword descriptions can, and do, only get you so far. There are most likely millions of competing web sites. Your marketing goal must be to climb your way past your competitors into your rightful spot within that searched-for query.

Above I made the statement that the process was not “rocket science.” However, creating a website marketing strategy is a complex and extremely individualized process. Cookie cutter approaches are not a fraction as effective as using a web strategy consultant. Systems are systems. People can make a difference if they actively participate in developing your marketing strategy.

Finding a good source to strategize, research, plan and implement your can make the process simple. After analyzing the information, an Internet Marketing strategy is created. Planning your Internet marketing strategy is vital before committing money to the online business sector. I am finding that developing a marketing strategy is one of the more difficult aspects of creating a successful business.

One of the keys to a successful marketing strategy is focus.

When you ask just about any new business owner what their marketing strategy is, the chances are they won't be able to answer. Taking short-cuts in developing your web marketing strategy is NOT the answer, because that will only cost you precious time and money in the long run.

The impact of technology on sales and marketing strategy. Without an effective sales marketing strategy, most businesses would fail within a very short period of time. Determining the proper marketing strategy is key to your success.



Theresa Cahill and her partner Jeff Greer would like to assist you in effectively marketing your business online. Our marketing strategies work.